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How many companies are members of the Consumer Consent Council?

There are approximately 450 member companies as of year-end 2019. The membership is comprised of lead buyers, lead sellers, and third party technology/information service companies.

How is the Consumer Consent Council different from other past industry groups?

Three main points of differentiation.

  • We are fortunate to have the largest contingency of active lead buyers providing our group with feedback about what matters to them. That has been and will remain to be a prime focus for us.
  • We try to steer away from the traditional industry association model of big lumbering committees and massive conference calls. Instead, we focus on providing vertical working groups for most of our activities- EDU, Insurance, and Lending for example.
  • Independent Insight. The leadership of the Consumer Consent Council does not compete with any of its constituents from a day to day business perspective. As a result, our members feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts as part of the collective research.
Give me your elevator pitch. What is the Consumer Consent Council all about (in 30 seconds or less)?

The Lead Generation industry is under attack. Regulators have been targeting companies who have shown to run business in an unethical and deceptive manner, however, they also have turned their attention to other companies who may be unaware they are doing anything wrong. It is the focus of Consumer Consent Council to help educate Lead Generators, Regulators, and Consumers on what everyone should be doing to keep the consumer from falling prey to companies not operating with their best interest in mind. Consumer Consent Council works with Regulators at both the Federal and State levels to understand what they are concerned about while developing a set of Best Practices for our members to follow.

Should I join?

The million-dollar question. We encourage you to fill out our contact form on the website so that we can better understand your business as a next step. That being said, you can certainly start forming an opinion by looking at our Membership page and evaluating the benefits of each member level, you can look at our News page and see updates on the activities that we are engaged in. Finally, do you share our passion for the lead generation industry and want to contribute to seeing it grow? If yes, you need to join!
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